Kitchen Remodel Update: Granite Shopping

Real life remodels? They take time. I look forward to sharing a neat & tidy "before and after" post on our kitchen remodel (better yet - enjoying that kitchen!), but that will be in a few months. As it is, we've already been working on replacing our countertops for 2 months!

Ok, so it hasn't been a constant process. We started by attending a home show to get a quick idea of some of the installers available without driving all over the city. We met a few people we liked, made a list and are slowly working through the list.

Kitchen Remodel: Granite Shopping

Our first quote came from a major retailer. We thought we'd give it a shot to see where the numbers fell. Well, at nearly $6,000 for our 37 square foot of counters required and no colors/styles that really had us excited, we politely declined.

Our second stop led us to a smaller installer that has a sales office close to home. We found 2 options in their current sale section where we can get new granite counters for $1500. Huge savings over the previous quote and we actually found a couple colors/styles that we like. We were given a list of 4 distributors in the area that this installer uses so we can visit and select a slab.

Yesterday we visited the first of the distributors during lunch and found 3 possibilities. Unfortunately, none were an exact match to the samples. The first we saw is similar to one of the options we found in the installer's showroom. The other 2 were a bit different. Our favorite of these 3, of course, fell in the "mid-high" range. Waiting to see where the numbers fall and decide what our next step will be.

Our number one goal - find a color/style that we are completely sold on (almost) regardless of the cost. Neither of us are willing to settle on something we plan to have for many, many years.

Have you picked new counters before? How fast did you make a selection?


  1. have never picked out countertops, but we're getting ready to remodel the bathroom.. we'll have to pick out tile, vanity, everything! i'm excited and anxious at the same time. :-)

    1. How fun! We're doing the bathrooms piece by piece (mostly hardware so far). Will be curious to see your before & after photos!

  2. I've never picked out counters before, but I've been watching an insane amount of HGTV and anxiously awaiting our house-buying adventure because I just have soooo many ideas.

    BTW, I like the granite in the top photo!

    1. We were torn between the black and white options in the top photo. Leaner toward the white one to keep the kitchen lighter in general. Not a lot of natural lighting. Problem now is locating an actual slab.


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