A Goofy Birthday?

A bit of an early (Thursday) throwback today in honor of my sister's birthday.

Breakfast with Goofy

This photo was too cute not to share. That's Mary on the left and me on the right with Goofy at a character breakfast at the Contemporary Resort in April 1984. Our first trip to Walt Disney World. Before today I never realized that 1) apparently she got a birthday trip there [dear parents, where was my birthday trip to Disney?? ;) ]; 2) that lady in the background looks terrified of Goofy. Did she miss the memo it was a character breakfast? and 3) what's up with Goofy's eyelashes? I honestly don't recall them looking quite like that on my visit last year.

In all seriousness, a very happy birthday to my little sister! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and celebrating your birthday again.


  1. happy birthday to your sister! and it's like i can hear my younger child tell me 20 years from now, "where's my birthday trip to disneyworld??" yikes haha

  2. Ha ha love this and happy birthday to your sister!


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