Painted Comets

It's been a while since I shared a kid craft. Here's a new one we tried this past weekend at Astronomy Days at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences - Painted Comets.


  • white paper
  • paint in 3 colors
  • small plastic scraper or squeegee 
  • cookie tray (or cardboard to push paint onto)
Select paint colors. We used three. Squirt a small dot with the first color. Then create a ring around it in the 2nd and 3rd colors.

Take a scraper and pull the paint across the page onto the tray to create the comet.

Set the painting aside to dry. Enjoy.

I would share a photo of our completed painted comet, but it had a little mishap on the way home. Guess we'll have to give this one another try.

I highly recommend checking out Astronomy Days. It's a fun annual event featuring crafts, hands on activities, presentations, etc. The 2015 dates all already posted on the website - January 24th & 25th.


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