Currently, I am ...

thinking about kindergarten and how fast my "baby" is growing up. This morning, I'll take my first steps into the building that will be his school for the next 6 years and turn in our registration paperwork. A total mix of emotions here, honestly.

enjoying spending time outdoors geocaching with Trent & Dylan and, as of this past weekend, friends (yo, BA!). Dylan calls it "treasure hunting" and is loving helping us choose the next location to search and, when large enough, what treasure to leave behind. (Kudos to Allison for sharing this fun activity idea with me - read her post on it here - and inspiring yet another "currently" post.)

planning our next house projects. Thanks to Christmas gifts from my parents, my mind keeps returning to ideas for the kitchen (doesn't the new pots & pans organizer need freshly painted cabinets and new counter tops?) and the master bath. New yellow towels in the latter have suddenly spurred paint and fabric color ideas.

reading Love the One You're With by Emily Griffin. I've enjoyed several other books by her, but struggling to get into this one after having just finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. That book sucked me in and I didn't want to put it down during the last 100 pages. Already planning to see the movie later this year.

grateful for my family and our safety yesterday. The weird weather of the past week from a low of 9 and highs in the upper 60s led to an adventurous storm system that caused 86mph wind gusts and tornado warnings in the area. We were away from home, but stayed safe in a Starbucks with Dylan & I retreating to the bathroom with 3 other women during the worst of it. Arriving home, we found minor damage in our neighborhood, our own recycling bin knocked over in the drive and part of trim from a neighbor's house in our side yard, but our house unharmed. Truly a blessing.

What are you up to currently?


  1. I love these posts. I need to do one every now and again as something to look back on and remember. Tristan and I are going to find our first Geocache today. I downloaded the app last night and can't wait.

    1. Yay! Glad you were inspired to give geocaching a try too. :)

  2. I am so *so* excited you all are in to the geocaching! It makes me so happy. Let's go together at some point!

    1. Yes! We need to. Dylan would be so excited to "treasure hunt" with C. :)


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