Draw a Dinosaur Day 2014

For the second year, we're participating in Draw a Dinosaur Day. I'm loving Dylan's creation. He's blue, spiky and has a heart.

Last year he made a green, spiky dinosaur that I used to created a pillow. So fun to see how his drawing skills and imagination have changed.

This time, I joined in the fun too. Dylan helped me out by adding the tongue and green leaf in his mouth.

Want to join in the fun? Draw your own dinosaur and, please, share a link. We'd love to see.

Looking for more dinosaur themed fun? Check out our Paper Plate Dinosaur tutorial; succulent Dino Garden; and Dinosaur Snow Globes.


  1. So cute. I've never heard of Draw a Dinosaur Day but I think we will participate.
    PS, you have mad drawing skills. I'm jealous.

    1. Thanks! :) We had fun drawing our dinosaurs last night. Can't wait to see yours!

  2. These are fantastic, and thank you for both mentioning and drawing a dinosaur for draw a dinosaur day!

    Mind if I put these photos on the tumblr [drawadinosaurday.tumblr.com] with a link to here?

    .Todd H. Page - creator

  3. Todd, thank you - this is such fun! You can definitely add them. Meant to do so myself later.


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