Updating the Garage Door

Knocking items off our "to do" list - the latest was updating the garage door. It's a big, blank white rectangle of blah. Before we even closed on the house I knew I eventually wanted a garage door with windows, hardware and a nice white arbor above. The simplest and cheapest of those items was to add hardware.

I had done some quick searching online and expected to pay around $20. An easy & inexpensive way to update the garage door. Imagine my thrill when we were browsing at Home Depot and found a display of garage door hardware on clearance for $3.50! Needless to say, a package went straight into our cart.

As all projects around this house seem to be, this too was a family affair. I marked the holes, Trent drilled the holes, I screwed on the pieces and Dylan helped supervise. It took us maybe 15 minutes? So add "quick" to that "easy & inexpensive" update.

Eventually, we would like to replace the door with a nicer decorative one (and get those windows I want!). But for now this one functions fine and looks much nicer with it's new hardware. Another step toward making this foreclosure our home.


  1. It's neat how such a small thing can make a big difference!

  2. What a great a idea! It looks great!


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