Quick & Easy Gift Bag Tag

I might have procrastinated a tad in wrapping a gift for my sister-in-law's baby shower yesterday. I went first to my box of wrapping paper and found 2 appropriately styled rolls. Then couldn't find a box. Oops.

Next I pulled out my box of gift bags. I have a habit of keeping any and all gift bags ever given to us that still look nice. I will re-use them in a heartbeat. Waste not want not. Reuse, recycle. All that good stuff. Amazingly, in the midst of lots of "baby boy" bags from 4 years ago, I found a nice, gender neutral baby gift bag that fit the blanket I made.

And, of course, in my procrastination, I realized that I actually didn't have any pre-made baby cards (need Valentines, Halloween or Christmas? I've got those covered and then some). Thank goodness for ample paper crafting supplies. I grabbed a bit of white cardstock from my scrap drawer. Trimmed, folded and punched the edges. Added a simple giraffe stamp. Handwrote a note inside. And - voila! - done.

Simple, sweet and a nice personal touch to a re-loved gift bag.

Supplies: white cardstock; Fiskars edge punch; Fox & Friends stamp set and ink by Stampin' Up!


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