Shoot and Edit: Laughter

Apparently being 2 makes you brave. The day after his birthday, Dylan suddenly began jumping off the side of the pool. The day before he was still iffy about getting in the "big" pool. Captured this shot from across the pool (trying to keep my camera dry!) right after he jumped, went slightly under (about to his mouth), then popped up and began laughing so hard. He couldn't wait to do it again! :)

Week 29: Laugh SOOC
ISO 100, ss 1/200, f7.1

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  1. How wonderful! Sebastian was like that last year when he was one & a half. This summer, though, he has been afraid of the water. He prefers to sit on the side or on the steps and play with buckets of water.

  2. How fun! He looks like he really did love it, its the beginning of many big boy steps! I also saw your "digital"? is it scrap book, love it! I have so many years to do. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. He looks like he is have the best time ever. Great photo!


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