Puddle Jumper

Last week before Dylan lost his fear of "big pools" (as he calls them), he refused to get into the infant floats we had. So, like good parents, we layered our kid in protection. Poor thing ... besides the standard swim diaper & trunks, he had on swim shoes, a rash guard, a swim vest (hand me down from friends that was a bit too large), water wings and a hat:

Then he shocked us on Wednesday by not only jumping into the pool, but jumping in at the deep end. Bye bye, fear. Overall our makeshift flotation assistance (along with our being there to catch him) worked well in spite of the fact that the vest was a bit too big and a valve in one of the water wings kept popping & letting air out. Very frustrating.

That's when realization set in that perhaps a Puddle Jumper was in order. (ETA: Basically it's a flotation device that's a combo of water wings & a front vest. It snaps in the back & has foam so no blowing up required. Much easier for us to put on him too!) Two of his best buddies have them as well so they can all swim in style. ;) Dylan's arrived yesterday and we took him to the pool last night to try it out. He loved it!

Supplies: Miss Mint's Pimp My Page Challenge Template #38, Tropical Popsicle, Twinkle Toes, Momitude, & Daditude kits; Tia Bennett's Fit 2b Tied alpha; Janda Everyday Casual font.


  1. I can't figure out what the puddle jumper is from your photos? But I'm glad he got over his fear of the pool and is enjoying himself. I hope he will enjoy swimming for the rest of his life! :)

  2. I just had to Google puddle jumpers - they seem cute!

  3. Oops! I typed up that post too fast & forgot to explain. Went back and added an "ETA" w/ an image of the Puddle Jumper. It's marketed as a "learn to swim life jacket." Fits him much better than the vest/water wing combo even though he's 3lbs under the Puddle Jumper weight designation. He seems more comfortable and able to move his arms better too which is a plus.

  4. Wow! He's a brave one! It took a long time for me to learn how to swim. (13)

  5. One of my friends has this for her little boy- they really are neat!

  6. Great idea to put it all together. A word of warning though. My niece dove in with a vest on at Dylan's age. She stayed upside down and quick thinking by her older brother in righting her saved her life.


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