Elmo & Numbers

I've had fun creating cards and crafting birthday gifts for Dylan's friends. At 2, they are all beginning to have fun little personalities. The latest celebration was this past weekend and I knew there were two things this little guy likes - Elmo and numbers. Elmo is an obsession. ;) And in the last few months I've been so impressed with his number recognition. First I caught him pointing them out so his mom would say the names out loud. Now he tells us what numbers he sees. Those things are what inspired his card and gift.

I combined both for the card using an image I found of Elmo online and resized. Then I made the numbered paper using a digital kit. I resized and recolored the numbers element to work with my design.

Supplies: Stampin' Up cardstock (red); miscellaneous cardstock (white & black); Elmo image found online; Karen Funk's One Year Older elements; Creative Imaginations patterned paper.

For the gift, I made him two sets of felt flash cards following this tutorial on Sew Much Ado blog. Each set is on its own binder ring. He can play with one or both, flip them upside down to play a matching game, etc. As soon as he pulled the cards from the gift bag, he began flipping through them and saying each number aloud. I'm going to take that as "I like it!"  :)

Supplies: various colors of felt & matching threads; grommets; 2" binder rings; template.


  1. The birthday boy loves both of these. Well done, and it is amazing how well you know him. :)

  2. These are AMAZING!!!!! I am so making them for Luke!!!!!

  3. The card is so cute, who doesn't like Elmo! I really like the number flash cards. Great job with those!

  4. What a cute idea and so special for this little guy! Love the Elmo card too!


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