Weekend Full of DIY Projects

We were busy around here over the weekend tackling and completing several in progress and new projects...

Trent installed our new storm door: 

Loving it.  Next I want repaint the front door (it's in desperate need of fresh paint after 8 years), remove the kickplate (it's also seen better days and not as visible now anyhow), replace the knocker (again, looking rough, but I love the general look and it's built-in viewer so I'm searching to see if I can locate an exact replacement) and find a new door mat (talk about seeing better days - yikes!).  I suppose it's time to part with our final Halloween pumpkin too.... hmmm ...

Trent also finished replacing the second of two not so attractive light fixtures in our upstairs hall that were builder installed with a much nicer aged bronze model that matches other fixtures we've added over the years:

In the guest/computer/art room (maybe I should just start calling it our "multipurpose room" ?), I took down the large antelope print: 
Love it, but didn't love it in that location.  The large frame and a beach print once looked great when over the headboard of our then "guestroom only" room a few years ago, but was always a bit out of place once I rearranged the furniture before Dylan's birth.

I used a giftcard from Christmas along with a sale + extra 25% coupon and bought these frames at Michaels last Friday:

Paired them with my own photographs from our beach trip in September (cropped and enhanced with Little Perk Action from The CoffeeShop Blog - click on images to see larger):

The result - an entirely new look and no money out of pocket:

Finally, I finished painting our kitchen!  Yes, the same painting that I started in early December.  I had hoped to finish before Christmas, but quickly realized that I didn't have the time and put it off.  This weekend, I tackled it.  All that is left is to finish recaulking the counter tops which I hope to complete later this week.


  1. What a busy weekend! Doesn't it feel good to complete those projects though? Love the pictures.

  2. You have been very busy! Great little projects that can make big differences though. I can't wait to see your finished kitchen. I'm wanting to redo mine so bad.

  3. Wow you guys were busy. It always feels so good when you accomplish a lot. Love the beach prints.

  4. Fun stuff! Love the door!

  5. Love what you've done to your home! I'd love to see more pics of it....it looks so pretty!

  6. I LOVE those kinds of weekends! LOVE the beach prints!

  7. Wow, everything looks great, Sarah! You are having a very productive start to the new year! Love those prints. So cool to use your own photos.


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