Santa - take 1

Ah, yes, the annual photos with Santa.  Last year, Dylan was all smiles in line but when I put him in Santa's lap, a bit of uncertainty crossed his face.  He didn't fuss, but I did not get a smile out of my child that up to then always posed and struck a big grin when he saw the camera (even if I wasn't taking his photo! LOL).

Fast forward to this year.  Trent's cousin, his sister and I decided to meet at a nearby mall this past Tuesday for lunch and to get photos of Dylan and his new little cousin, Lily, with Santa.  We thought it would be so cute to have the two kids in one shot.  I printed a photo of Dylan with Santa from last year.  Showed it to him that morning.  Took it to the mall with us.  When we arrived, I positioned his stroller just outside of Santa's area so he could watch a few other kids.  I handed him the photo, he pointed to it, to Santa and smiled & babbled excitedly.  Oh, yes, this would be good!

Until we approached Santa.  There was my boy from a year ago - not too sure about being put into this man's lap for a photo.  He did manage to sit for a few pictures.  He and Santa even looked at the photo of the two of them.  Then he happily retreated and stood calmly (now the fact he didn't try to bolt should have been a clue!) beside me while I took photos of Lily with Santa.  Then I dared to try to place him on Santa's other knee so we could get a photo of the two of them.  The tantrum struck!  So I stuck him on the stool in front of Santa and, well ....  Why, Mom???  Why are you making me do this???

Definitely a memorable visit!  Oh yeah, and we're daring another try with Santa for a photo with his play group buddies today.  LOL  Should be interesting.  ;)

SuppliesErica Hernandez's Letter Template #17 template (altered); Robyn Meierotto's Holly Jolly kit; Miss Mint's Winter Sparkle kit; Karen Funk's Fallin' For You digital patterned paper.


  1. lol - I felt the same way as a kid! Good luck this year!

  2. Hehehe, oh my. I don't think Cameron will be wanting to visit with Santa this year either. We'll see soon enough!

  3. Awww - how cute! Your post reminded me that I haven't even thought about getting Ella's picture made with Santa until now. I need to try to do that! :)

  4. we did the same thing last year. This year I have a different plan, there is a santa around here who sits in a sleigh and we can sit in the front seat togather and Santa can sit in the back seat and then we can have a family santa picture. Wish me luck !

  5. Perfect LO for the story and pics, Sarah! This is classic! :)

  6. love the story that goes along with those photos


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