Here We Go Again

No, this isn't a repeat post. After the wax seal in our master bathroom split causing the toilet to leak in July, we decided we should replace the seals in all 3 bathrooms. On Sunday (why do I always find these things on Sundays??), I noticed what I thought was proof the guest bath toilet was leaking. We were not interested in giving up our nights for a second week so we turned off the water, emptied it and let it sit until today. A short bit ago, Trent pulled up that toilet and, sure enough, we have another leak. The good news is this time the subfloor looks savable.

Now it's off to Home Depot for new flooring, wax seal and a few odds & ends. Nothing like a little labor for Labor Day weekend.


  1. Goog golly- what a nightmare!

  2. well, with all this experience in the bathroom, you could start your own business. ;) I'll hire you ok! :)

  3. Oh no, not again!? I'd love stone, or even linoleum faux stone, in my kitchen...maybe when "ter" is done with you I'll hire you, lol;)

  4. Oh, deer!!! ;-) At least you guys are experienced home repair experts this time!


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