This Fence is Made for Walking

Earlier in the week we caught a neighbor's cat perched on top of our fence. He was just hanging out on one of the front corner posts. My best guess is he was bird watching or interested in the catnip I was growing on the backside of the fence below him.

Thursday morning I glanced up from my kitchen sink thinking I saw a squirrel out of the corner of my eye. That is a normal scene near our bird feeder as the squirrels come stuff their cheeks at breakfast. Instead, there was the cat again. I managed to grab the camera and snap a photo as he came around the side yard - walking on top of the fence the entire way. It was rather amusing to watch him walk half on the pickets and half on the 2x4.

Yes, buddy, you've been caught. LOL He paused long enough for me to snap a couple photos and then continued on his way - on top of the fence.


  1. Love that photo. His expression is priceless. Like he was caught with is hand in the cookie jar.
    Been catching up and your lo's are truly amazing as always. Love the template. Wish I was not in a slump so I could do something with it. Maybe one day.
    btw-I left you a little surprise on my blog. Hope you have a terrific weekend

  2. that's funny how you got him on the fence..

  3. He's just curious!! Very cute too.

    I like the coffee table pic you posted too, Dont know what I would do with it, but it is very interesting!

  4. That is too cute! Lily walks on our railing and sits on the post in just the same way. But the railing is a lot easier to navigate than a fence! lol

  5. LOL!! Definitely caught in the act :)


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