We lost a furry member of our family today. Roxy was one of my dad & wife's two dogs. She was a sweetheart and will definitely be missed.

I found this poem shared on Two Peas and felt it fit perfectly:

They will not go quietly,
The dogs that shared our lives.
In subtle ways they let us know
Their spirit still survives.
Old habits make us think
We hear barking at the door.
Or step back when we drop
A tasty morsel on the floor.
Our feet still go around the place
The food dish used to be.
And sometimes, coming home at night
We miss them terribly.
And although time may bring new friends
And a new food dish to fill,
That one place in our heart
Belongs to them
And always will.

~Leslie Barnes


  1. I'm very sorry for the loss of your family's precious Roxy. I know she will be forever remembered.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that! :( I'm sure you all have fond memories of her and I hope you hold them tight.

  3. awwww, I am sorry to hear about the loss of a pet, Sarah.

  4. My sincerest condolences on the loss of Roxy. It is hard to lose a furry friend.

  5. I'm so sorry. I'm glad you have fond memories of her. She will never be forgotten!

  6. sorry for your family's loss, love the poem. it is so true.

  7. So sorry Sarah, she looks like a beautiful companion. Hugs....

  8. Sorry to hear about Roxy. Sending many { { { HUGS} } } your way.

  9. I´m very sorry for the loss of your family´s adorable dog.

  10. I'm so sorry. There is nothing like losing a pet. I cried reading that poem thinking about my "maddy" who died a few summers ago. It is so true. Every line of it. Again...I'm so sorry. {hugs}

  11. I'm very sorry to hear about Roxy. The poem is a beautiful tribute; thanks for sharing it. I will likely use it on a layout someday to commemorate my own Reuben who died in July.

  12. I'm so sorry about Roxy's passing. It is so hard to lose a pet. The poem is beautiful.


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