Leap Day Specials

Several retailers are offering Leap Day specials. Here are a few you might want to take them up on:

For Leap Day babies only:Other fun stuff:


  1. We are planning on going to Mellow Mushroom downtown tonight to celebrate my wife's 10th! If you're nearby come on over and I'll buy you a beer. We have a reservation for 10. Enjoy your real birthday. We will be having pizza & Boston Market for lunch thanks to you. Next time we're going to Charlotee for the Morton's deal!

  2. On Consolidated Theatres, you can go for free on the 28th AND 1st of non-leap years. The cashier never figures it out at first, so you might have to remind him or her that you don't have a birthday that year.

  3. Man makes me wish today where my birthday! I was totally unaware that it was leap year.... Sesame Street really needs to get a ticker across the bottom of the screen.


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