An Open Letter ...

to the window treatment salesman,

I wanted to be so excited about the options you offered that I would struggle to hold off on an order. Instead, you destroyed the sale. Now, admittedly, I've never been in sales and I'm sure it is challenging, but here is where you made missteps that killed the deal and, I think, are things you should know:

Taking Measurements
One of the windows I want to add blinds to is at the second story level of our two-story foyer which, truthfully, makes it a challenge to measure. We walked up to the second floor and got as close to the window as possible. I leaned over the rail to attempt to measure it. You told me it wouldn't work. It took me two tries and I had the tape measure cleanly grabbing the top of the frame and pulled the measurement. Okay so this is part of my job when I'm in the construction field, but it's also part of yours. You doubted me, and you couldn't do this. Even on the windows at floor level you struggled to read the tape measure. You also kept asking me what the measurements were again. This is part of your job. You should be able to do this.

Knowing the Deals
What led us to scheduling the appointment was a Living Social deal. I presented the printout to you at the start of the meeting. This led to a multi-part issue. First, you had never even heard Living Social. Groupon you had so I made that comparison. You still struggled to understand what the specifics of the deal were and proceeded to show me and price a line that didn't meet the requirements. What infuriated me the most here was when you insulted me by saying sarcastically, "you buy these for golf. Things like that." Um, you didn't even know what it was before our appointment.

Think Before You Speak
Perhaps it was careless moment when you made the "golf" comment and later when you referred to the existing 2" faux wood blinds in one part of my house as "cheap." They came with the home and, honestly, I think look fine. I don't have an issue with them. I did have an issue with your comment - it was an insult to my taste and my home.

During the course of our discussion, you mentioned the options include a "free liner" or I could add an upgraded liner. I said no upgrade would be necessary. The windows were discussing faced northwest and, thus, don't get direct light. You completely ignored this statement and repeatedly commented about the "free liner" I would get. Frankly, this got more than a little frustrating. Better than pushing an upgrade, but it was simple evidence that you weren't listening to me and my needs.

Window Treatment Samples

I made the appointment with your company in person while at a home show a few days before. I completed a form with questions about what types of products I was interested in. You arrived with 3 sample books in hand and only one matched any of my requests. Luckily you at least had other books in your car, but it took 3 trips to bring in what I needed to both meet my product requests and, finally, try to meet the requirements of the Living Social deal. This meant that the appointment took far longer than necessary.

So, yes, these items along with the price (sorry, my new kitchen counters are taking priority in the budget) are why you won't be getting my order. Best of luck in your future sales. I hope you'll consider my two cents.


Have you dealt with a terrible or pushy salesman? How did you handle it? 


  1. Oh my goodness, what a terrible experience! And waste of time.
    PS- I have no issues with your blinds or your taste. :)

    1. Ha! Thank you!! And, as you've actually seen them in person, you know that the faux wood blinds really are fine. The mini blinds in the back of the house? Crap. I could have handled that insult. Oh well. All he did was kill his own commission.


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