New Fort

Two years ago, we bought a Step2 Kangaroo Climber for Dylan from Craigslist. We've frequently referred to it as his "fort." He's loved it, but also outgrown it. Too tall for the doorway (occasionally forgetting to duck!) and had mastered climbing up & over both sides - it was time for something bigger.

First time down the slide. March 2010
Last week searching Craigslist again, I found a Woodland Climber for a good price. I wasn't certain it would fit in our CR-V, but, thankfully, a friend offered to help and Sunday afternoon we brought it home. Dylan was ecstatic about his "new fort" even though it was in a pile of pieces on our patio!

Monday afternoon, with the rain subsided, we headed outside to clean it off and put it together. Oh, yes, there was still a good bit of sogginess and mud in our backyard, and it was chilly, but that didn't bother him at all. He was so excited to help me clean each piece and assemble it. He was even pointing out which piece was next (without directions!) and telling me what to do. So funny!

Helping clean & assemble the new climber
Right as we finished, the new owner of the Kangaroo Climber arrived. I wasn't sure how Dylan was going to react, but he did great. He climbed on it again while I showed it to her. Then helped us take it apart and carry pieces to the car. He even said "goodbye" as it left to create happy memories for it's 3rd family. A bit bittersweet for me, I'll admit, as it's one more sign my little boy is growing up! But I can't deny the happiness on this little face after climbing up into his new "big" fort for the first time:

A very happy big boy. :)


  1. He is growing so fast but still so sweet!

  2. So bittersweet but that means new memories to make in his new fort.

  3. He's so cute! and getting big! I think I first found your blog when you were pregnant with him or shortly before!


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