Mr. Potato Head Parts Bag

One of Dylan's gifts from Santa this year was a Mr. Potato Head. Given he only has the basic kit so all the pieces fit inside the potato, but the "trunk" never seems to want to stay closed. When I saw an idea on Pinterest to make a burlap bag to store Mr. Potato Head and his parts, I knew I needed to make one.

Lucky for me, I had burlap on hand bought for another project before Christmas that never came to. It then took on life as a tree skirt (we had forgotten we needed a new one until the tree was up. I really want to make one vs buying another so I wanted an easy cheap fix this year - duct tape & burlap cover a tree stand nicely!). Now that our tree is down, and with a goal to make a new tree skirt by next Christmas, I was willing to cut up the burlap for this new project.

In a short time with Dylan working nearby at his craft table on a Play-doh project, I sewed up the bag using the burlap and leftover ribbon from his toddler belt. I later added the felt Mr. Potato Head during his nap time. Now all the pieces store nicely and we can toss the bag into his toy box.

Supplies: burlap; thread; 5/8" ribbon; felt; buttons (eyes); Aleene's Tacky Glue.


  1. Love love this! C got a Mr Potato Head for Xmas. We don't have any real spare parts yet, but maybe I will buy him some just so I can make this, too. I love it and you did such a great job with it!

  2. that's awesome, and I bet it will end up on pinterest. :)

  3. What a fantastic idea! Have enjoyed catching up on your blog - I know it's been a while!

    Best wishes for the New Year - I hope you & your family have a wonderful 2012!


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