Dylan's first birthday is on Monday. We had a small family celebration today. The highlight for Dylan (besides all the attention and opening gifts, of course) was the cake. I baked cupcakes last night and then my sister helped me ice them.

Time for the big event and I put the cupcake tree on the table in front of his highchair. That in and of itself was exciting for him. Then I lit the candle. His expression (which unfortunately I don't have a photo of ... I'm not too talented at lighting a candle and snapping photos) was one of Oooh! What is that?

Excited about his cupcakes!

Please, Mom. Enough with the photos - I want cake!
Trent & I helped him blow out the candle. Then I plucked it out, removed the wrapper and handed him his cupcake:
Hmm. What is this stuff?

Feels interesting. Tastes good.

Ok, so now that Mom has cut it into pieces I have LOTS of cake!

This stuff is pretty good!
After finishing off his cupcake, he looked at the tree and noticed there were still cupcakes on it. We all had a good laugh as he stretched his hand out trying to grab it and began making noises - basically his way of saying, "I want another piece!"

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  1. Sarah,

    i love all of your photos and your story takes me back to my children's first birthdays - Happy 1st Birthday to Dylan

  2. Happy birthday Dylan. I remember Alec and Alyssa's first b-day like it was yesterday :)

  3. I can't believe Dylan is a year old!!! Oh happy birthday you precious boy!!!!
    Sarah he is sooo cute!

  4. What a handsome and adorable lil man! Happy Birthday!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DILAN!!! Looks like you loved that cup cake. Sarah time flies, he is so cute. I love all the pictures.

  6. Oh, Sarah. It's hard to believe he's a year old already. Great photos. Wish that sweet boy Happy Birthday from me.


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