12 Months

Another month and many more adventures & milestones ...

* Attended the Hillsborough Hog Day festival:

* Has 3 teeth and is working hard on the 4th (right lateral incisor).

* Got soaked at a sprayground (a first for both him and me!).

* Visited City Park in Burlington, NC, where he rode a train and carousel:

* Began clapping hands together (palms together - no longer patty cake style) and blowing kisses.

* Celebrated his first 4th of July and last "first" holiday.

* Had a number of new food experiences including pickles, a few bites of a Krispy Kreme donut and trying frozen custard (all winners):

* Learning to indicate his wants with gestures and signs.

* Showed frustration for the first time when he struggled with the levers and buttons on a toy.

* Toddling. He officially began walking just a couple of steps on his own. 6-8 tops before going down and giving himself a round of applause. So stinkin' cute.

* Celebrated his birthday with family and had his first taste of cake which he loved.

* Finally, (yes, I'm a mean mommy) Dylan had his 12 month check-up (including shots - ouch!) yesterday morning - his birthday. He now weighs 19 pounds 6 ounces and is 30-3/4 inches long.

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