Thank you, Munchkin!

We recently won the Corner Bath Organizer from Munchkin as part of their "Munchkin Monday" on Twitter (#MunchkinMonday). After opening the box, I handed the package to Dylan. He was patting it while I tried to take a photo:

And patting or clapping is his form of showing excitement so I took this to mean he was quite pleased.

This organizer is a bit unique from others we've seen. It attaches snuggly in the corner of our bath with 4 suction cups. The open design and mesh window on the front make it easy to see and access your toys. Made of neoprene fabric, it is soft and mildew resistant. It features a small hole in the bottom to drain excess water. The organizer comes in two colors so we requested blue which matches nicely with Dylan's other bathroom accessories.

Now Dylan just needs a few more toys to fill it up with! ;)

Overall, this is a very nice product in our opinion and we appreciate the gift. Thanks, Munchkin!

Note: Corner Bath Organizer was received as a prize for participating in the Munchkin Monday contest on Twitter. Review contains my personal opinion and was not requested by Munchkin nor a requirement of receiving the prize.

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  1. Actually i think he is trying to tell you that he'd like a set of drums Mom! Love the photo!

  2. Hehe, Cameron does that patting thing too! So funny and cute! Can't believe how BIG Dylan is getting! They change so much, so fast!

    We have a corner bath tub organizer too, only ours is Fisher Prices and has jungle animals on it. :)


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