Handprint Thank You Notes

It's never too young to teach a child the importance of a thank you note, right? That's why I decided to have Dylan "help" me with the notes I wrote last month to thank family for the gifts he received following his baptism. I placed Dylan in his high chair, got out a bottle of acrylic paint, squirted some onto a paper plate, helped Dylan stick his hand into it and and then we made a handprint on a piece of white cardstock. Sounds easy enough but for my child who will normally touch anything (and put it in his mouth!), he resisted putting his hand into the paint. It took a bit of effort and a good grip on his hand so we could make the print & cleanup before the hand reached the mouth!

After we finished, I hung the print up on the fridge while it dried. Dylan seemed to like this part. I carried him over to see and he had a big grin on his face while reaching out trying to grab the paper. ;)

Once it was fully dried, I scanned it in. Added "thank you" and printed out copies onto several sheets of white cardstock. Roughed the edges with an edge scraper. Glued onto a sheet of 4x6 black cardstock. And here is the end result:

Simple & cute thank you notes.

Supplies: Making Memories cardstock, paint, edge scraper; 2Peas Sandbox font.

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  1. OMG you are a total super mommy! I love this idea, one of the things I love about thank you notes is when the are extra cute they are fridge decoration and this would totally make the decoration list! I love this!! Love it! Very good idea!

  2. What a great idea and totally adorable too. :)

  3. Oh those are adorable! And what a smart idea to only do it once and scan it in. I may do that for Cam's birthday thank yous! :)

  4. Wow! What a patient Mom you are. And aren't scanners wonderful? Imagine having to do that several times! They are adorable and it was such a creative idea that I'm sure will be appreciated.

  5. adorable! I remember getting a note card set from zach with all kinds of insects with his thumb print being the main form of the creation!

  6. Greatest idea ever! Totally stealing it =)

  7. Great idea and I really like what you have on your blog. I always try and make time for crafts with the kids but am not the most creative person. I will start following you to try out some of these. #SITSblogging


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