Dylan has a fascination with planes right now. We live close enough to the airport that we frequently see (and hear) them during the day. Dylan will completely stop whatever he is doing to look around for them - even inside the house! (Thankfully, no planes have actually been spotted inside our house.)

Late last month, Trent & I decided to take him to the airport's Observation Park so he could get a closer look. Nevermind the slight scowl on his face here (he wasn't happy with the bright sunlight) - he was definitely having a good time looking around when we were up on the elevated deck there in the background:

Our weekly play group friends are regularly looking for something fun to do so part of our "mission" was to come back with information. One of the mommies started a blog to help organize ideas for things to do with our little ones as well as details on what to expect. I was happy to help with a blog post that was featured last Saturday on her blog, Notes from a Chapel Hill Mom. This will be such a great resource to have on those days when we just aren't sure what to do.

I mentioned to my friend that there is a place at in the General Aviation terminal to grab a bite to eat and watch the planes as well and maybe we should explore. Wednesday both she & her little guy were as stir crazy as Dylan & I were so the four of us went to check it out. We had a nice lunch and to say the boys enjoyed their up close views of the planes was an understatement. Little C practiced his new skill of clapping when he saw one take off and had a big grin on his face. And the moment I let Dylan out of the stroller, he was plastered against the window trying to get a better look:

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  1. I love it!
    (and your new bloggy look!)

  2. love your new look! so neat and clean (not that you were messy before).

    my boys LOVE LOVE LOVE airplanes. obviously. we sit on a hill and watch the little planes take off right across from our backyard and lay back and watch the really big ones fly over. its always esp thrilling when one of daddys flies right over the house.

    sigh. boys and airplanes. like peanut butter and jelly

  3. That is so neat! I wish we had more cool things like that to do here.

  4. Love the perspective of the last photo. When Alec was a baby/toddler we lived on a Marine Corp Air Station. The first 5 or so years of his life he was surrounded by jets, planes, and helicopters. He loved it and was fascinated by them (and still is). Great memories :)


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