Four Months

Dylan had his four month checkup this morning. He's now 15 pounds and 27-1/4inches long!

Other highlights of the month:

* Learned to push the music button on the green fish in his gym.

* Likes to be rocked to sleep.

* Began grabbing his feet. Especially fun game when there are little animals on his footed outfits:

* Loves to hold anything he can get his hands on. Examine objects carefully. And pass them from hand to hand. As well as stick them in his mouth, of course. ;)

* Increasing leg strength. We're having to keep an extra careful eye during tummy time on the Boppy because of it. Last week he managed to push himself over the Boppy and face first into the floor.

* Much more talkative.

* Lots of laughing.

* Almost rolling over - he keeps getting stuck on the arm underneath. And, unfortunately, he sometimes enjoys practicing in the middle of the night - roll to side, get stuck with arm underneath, cry for mom, mom comes and rolls him back, mom goes back to bed ... 10 minutes later repeat.

* Turned on the Seahorse all by himself.

* Celebrated his first holiday and attended his first party.

* Teething. Dylan has become a finger chewing, drooling machine. LOL

* A total camera ham for me. Whenever he sees me holding the camera, he strikes a pose. This is great except when I'm trying to catch a natural moment or when I attempt to make a video using it. During the latter, he'll stare my way and give a "why aren't you snapping?" look. LOL


  1. he has such a big happy smile!

  2. he just keeps getting cuter and cuter. He has such a happy smile. I'm so happy that you get to enjoy him full time for right now.

  3. I love these cute updates! He's grabbing his toes!! I love when they put them in their mouth- so cute!

  4. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  5. what adorable pics! he's growing so fast!!


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