Mixed Emotions

7 days...
until the big due date. Of course, there still could be a few more - depending upon our little guy and his plans.

After all these months of waiting and anticipating, I am in a bit of shock that we are that close to the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next.

Not too surprising, I've been thinking about our son's arrival throughout the entire pregnancy, but so much more in the last month as we've gotten closer and closer to meeting him. I think about labor some, but in only a positive light. I see it as this journey that will bring our little boy to our arms and it fills me with happiness.

But I also keep wishing it all out there just slightly. As much as I want to hold him in my arms, I want to enjoy the last little bit of having him all to myself. That fun squirming in my belly. Watching it roll. Knowing that no matter the time of day or where I am - he's right there with me.

I've had a very blessed nine months and am so very grateful for that.


  1. It's all perfectly normal to feel this way. You'll always feel this way, you want your son to be safe. This only shows what a great mom you are already. :)

  2. Aw...what a beautiful post, Sarah! You will find that that all of childhood is, of course, a journey...a series of endings and beginnings, each one different but wonderful in its own way!

  3. OMG I have so enjoyed watching you throughout your pregnancy and here we are 7 days from the due date! seems the time flew by :)

  4. Very well-put, Sarah. I had these feelings when pregnant with Nattie and Jamie - I wanted to see them soooo badly, yet I also wanted to keep them safe and cozy inside :) You have many years ahead of you with this little guy - the fun is just beginning!

  5. congrats!

    sooooo exciting!

    my son's birthday is the 7th.

  6. cute photo with the heart. the pregnancy goes so fast! and it has been fun to listen to you treasure the time.

  7. I love this post. I felt that way about all 3 of my babies. I also agree with Janet about beginnings and endings.


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