40 Weeks

How far along? 40 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Up almost 2lb from last week bringing me to 12.5lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight

Maternity clothes? Yes. And so ready to switch to my old, boring pre-pregnancy clothes. LOL

Stretch marks? Amazing how many of these darn things have popped up in just the last couple of weeks - all around my belly button too. I really think the kid believes that's the way out as much as he pushes and pushes on it.

Sleep: I wake up every couple of hours now, but can usually fall back to sleep fairly easily once I switch to the opposite side. My hips can each only take the pressure for so long now. So looking forward to back sleeping again soon!

Best moment this week: Laughing while Trent stuck his ear against my belly to see if he could hear the baby and the baby repeatedly kicked his ear! LOL

Movement: Lots of stretching and a bit of hiccuping.

Food cravings: None in particular. I still have moments where certain foods sound better than other options, but no strong "must have" cravings.

Labor Signs: A few false alarms over the weekend while out at the baseball game and the movies. Both times I had a few contractions - stronger than anything else I'd felt previously and they did not ease up with walking. Both times I joked with Trent that even if it was the start of labor, we should continue on with our plans. After all, it could be a while so why not enjoy the game and movie? And, both times they were false alarms which made me even happier we continued with our plans.

Belly Button in or out? Flat.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting our little guy any day now. :)

Milestones: Hitting the 40 week mark.

Energy Level: Pretty good. I have my tired moments such as last Saturday night when all I wanted to do at 6:30pm was go to bed! But otherwise, I've had a reasonable amount of energy throughout the day.


  1. I'm so excited for you! Sending wishes for a speedy delivery!

  2. I'm really excited for you. I hope you have a safe and easy delivery.

  3. The due date! Hope you don't have to wait too much longer so see your little guy.

  4. Wow - the little guy is just too cozy in there :)

  5. keep cocoa butter on that belly! the itching means he's making new stretch marks.
    hang in there girlie!!

  6. Oh Sarah I love these updates! Something you'll be able to come back to later for scapbooking too! so excited for you!


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