41 Weeks

How far along? 41 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Down almost 2lb from last week

Maternity clothes? Of course! :) And very few of those cover the belly these days.

Stretch marks? Same ones on my belly from last week. I don't think there are any new ones. The marks themselves don't bother me - it's the itching that has come up in the past week that I could do without.

Sleep: Not too well. I wake up a lot from hip pain and need to switch sides. I have started taking daily naps for an hour or two each afternoon.

Best moment this week: This week was the first time Trent had been with me to an OB appointment since the ultrasound at 19wks. It was nice having him along and both getting a chance to listen to the Baby's heartbeat. Trent later commented to me how cool that was to hear it again.

Movement: Lots of stretching and hiccuping still. Of course, the Baby initially played possum when we started the nonstress test on Tuesday and needed him to move!

Food cravings: None in particular.

Labor Signs: Plenty of Braxton Hicks.

Belly Button in or out? Flat.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting our little guy soon! One way or another, he'll be here in the next 7 days. :)

Milestones: Watching our due date come and go. LOL

Energy Level: Lower than past weeks. Maybe it's a prelabor sign? Maybe it's just me settling into a relaxed routine now that I'm on maternity leave?


  1. Love how you're documenting your pregnancy.

  2. Your updates are so fun to read! You'll be so glad you documented all of these feelings.

    You're doing great! Enjoy the waiting and keep us posted on baby news! :-)

  3. Sarah, can you explain me..why am I crying? LOL!!!
    maybe because I'm looking at Seth right now eating a cookie at 11:00pm, after I told him not to do it
    :{ and in my mind I remembering when i was so anxious for him to be born!:)

    I'll be preying for you and your baby and Trent, love you!

  4. Right before Cam was born I started nesting like crazy. I'm talking clean the stove and floors on my hands and knees crazy. And then the week before he was born, I got really tired again. In fact, the night before he was born I slept like 10 or 11 hours. So it is still possible he might come on his own! Come on, Baby C! :)


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