Busy Evening

Last night we made our second trip to Best Buy this week. Our all-in-one printer recently died (amazing how much you realize you need a printer when you don't have one) and we had finally purchased a new one on Sunday. Once we had it hooked up, it was obvious it was a lemon. It sounded as though every internal piece was scraping. The cats both were bug eyed and looking around trying to figure out what thing was causing such a dreadful noise. Then to top it off, there was a spot under the scanner glass so every scan came out with a dot on it. The employees at customer service were easy about the exchange and the new printer works perfectly. On top of that, we were able to leave our old printer for free recycling. If you have any electronics that need recycling, I definitely recommend checking out their program - for us it is far more convenient than driving to the local county recycling center.

After we returned home, I spent some time making Cat Squares for the 2 orders I had yesterday in my Etsy shop. A little shot of the work in progress (that awful checked fabric in the background is the ironing board cover - I hate it, but that $10 board & cover have lasted me 10 years now so I can't complain too much):

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  1. Glad you were able to get everything figured out - and you're right - we don't realize how much we use these appliances until we don't have them readily available :) The recycling is a great idea, too. Our kids' school accepts donations of all those types of things, and the school gets a little money for turning them in.

  2. I didn't know Best Buy had a recycling program! That is good to know!

  3. I love your cat squares. If I had a cat, I'd definitely buy a cat square! :)

    I will have to see if our Best Buy has a recycling program too.

    I know we have some electronic recycling programs here in the city, and last year at one point my husband phoned about it and apparently WE had to pay $50 for them to take our electronics to be recycled? Um, no thanks.

  4. Oh my goodness. For the longest time after I got my new computer in February I couldn't figure out how to get my printer to work with it. I just about died. lol Lots of handwritten journaling happened then!

    Kitty squares look super cute! I'm going to have to get some for my kitties eventually. :)

  5. My printer/scanner died last month and I too was shocked at how much I missed it! All our technology has made life so much easier. BTW, cute cat squares.

  6. I'm glad you got your printer issues fixed. I have a ton of stuff I need to take in to Best Buy for recycling but it still sits in our basement. Pretty spring card too.

  7. The squares are so cute! I will have to keep that store in mind in the future for recycling...it is one of those things you never know what to do with. And...the ironing board cover isn't so bad...and it has already paid for itself :)


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