I woke up Sunday morning with a sore throat. Felt worse as the day went on and attributed it to a possible cold. Afterall, I'd been on a bus and airplane only 2 days before so no telling what I had breathed in. Yesterday I was miserable to the point of calling into work and getting a doctor's appointment. Thank goodness because that "cold" is actually a sinus infection. I'm slowly finding relief with antibiotics and a neti pot (and, no, there will be no you tube videos of me using that! LOL - yes, I still have my sense of humor). Still feel like my head is going to explode. Going to try to make it a full day at work today. *fingers crossed* And tomorrow I'll share something much more interesting. Promise. :)


  1. Sorry you're not feeling very good, but hopefully it'll get better now that you've got some medication for it! Take care...

  2. Ahhh...thank you so much for visitng me, Sarah...especially considering your sinus infection! Yuck!!

    Here's hoping the meds kick in fast. Feel better soooon!!

  3. ugh, I share your pain.

    Do those neti pots really work? I am not sure if they even have them here but I've seen them and ugh yes, the YouTube video too only because some people have posted it on their blogs!


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