Random Photo Tag

Janet tagged me yesterday for a little challenge: Go to your pictures folder, select the 4th folder, find the 4th photo and then share on your blog. I have to agree with her - this is harder than it looks! LOL From My Pictures, I quickly hit on the 2004 folder, but inside were only more folders - no photos. So, I again selected the 4th folder (Cats) and again more folders! (Is it possible I over organize my photos?) After selecting the 4th folder for the 3rd time, I finally found photos and here is the 4th photo:

Little Chester taking a nap with Trent on the couch. The first couple of photos were a bit cuter. I imagine by this one he was annoyed with my photo taking interrupting his nap. :D

Sticking with the number 4, I'm going to tag 4 bloggers: Ter, Linda, Tina and Kerrie.


  1. What a cute photo! Love it!

    BTW, I left you something on my blog :)

  2. So sweet. I just did my photo and it is an animal one too.

  3. when I get my pc up and running, I'll do this! I don't have any photos on my laptop yet!

  4. So sweet!! Yes, it is hard to be random!!


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