six secrets

Linda tagged me for "six secrets" - I share six secrets about me and then tag 5 other bloggers. This is far more challenging than it seemed. Do I even have six secrets? Perhaps six things you might not know about me?

#1 I never make my bed at home. Neither of us do. I read a news article once about how it's better for folks with asthma to not make their bed so it will air & dry out. Making it helps trap in moisture & humidity which provides a perfect environment for dust mites to increase. Truth or fiction - it's a great excuse to skip that chore. ;)

#2 I have no idea the last time I read a book. I've read parts of a few, but haven't finished them. Too many other things to do than sit still long enough.

#3 I bribe myself to get on the treadmill with gossip magazines.

#4 During college, one of my friends and I decided to color our hair. We were *just* going add a little bit of reddish highlights. A couple of beers later and hair coloring left on too long, we were both a lovely shade of magenta the next day. It wasn't too bad indoors, but oh goodness, when the sun hit.... LOL

#5 Growing up I had the terrible habit of biting my nails. I wasn't able to quit until about 6 years ago.

#6 I watch Guiding Light on cbs.com every weekday while eating lunch at work - frees me up from time on the couch at home later and is a nice mid-day distraction.

I tag... Pat, Darcy, Benita, Jen and Emily.


  1. Thanks for playing along. LOL about your hair.

    Mine weren't secrets, more like things most people don't know about me. When family gets together, they like to remind me about all my (mis)adventures. They think it is entertaining.

  2. Sarah, I loved reading your secrets! :-) I've been working on my own post and your list prompted me to share a couple of similar ones -- one is soap opera related! lol

  3. Like reading about your secrets.

  4. Oh how funI will definitely be doing this for tomorrow's post. Too fun!!

    Ok I laughed so hard about the not making your Bed excuse. Umm that would not work at my house.

    Ugg nail biting my DD's are nail bitters.

  5. ooo, now i know all your deep, dark secrets. thanks for sharing those fun facts

  6. Great list....loved reading about your secrets :) Thanks for taggin me....I just did them on my blog.

  7. I bit my nails for the longest time too...
    Those are good - thanks for sharing!


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