Enjoying a Long Weekend

We've had a beautiful couple of days here. Sun shining and warm temps. Yesterday we took advantage of the weather and drove to Asheboro to visit the NC Zoo. Our last trip to the zoo in March was shortened due to cold and rain. Yesterday was the complete opposite which allowed us to spend 5 hours roaming the trails and viewing all of the exhibits.

The baboons had fun entertaining us.

Lunch time for the lions. Not sure what they were munching on, but it was very crunchy.
Some of the other visitors said this gorilla was taking a nap. Personally, I think he was practicing his yoga.

The polar bear though was definitely taking a nice siesta.

After completing the full 5 mile trek around the zoo, we headed north to visit my dad for a belated birthday celebration. We had a delicious dinner at a local Thai restaurant and spent time catching up.

Today, Trent & I had already planned a day of vacation. It's been nice to have a full, uncommitted day around the house. We ran a couple of errands. I picked up a new toy (thanks, Mom!) that I'm slowly learning to use. I made 5 packs of Cat Squares and 2 new t-shirt bags for my etsy shop. Trent pulled down the Halloween decorations and started putting them up. And somewhere in there we've relaxed a bit. ;)


  1. Sounds like a fun time!! I loooove the zoo!

  2. Sounds like you guys enjoyed a great weekend! Love the pics of the animals. I especially like seeing the big cats and noticing the similarities to house kitties! ;-)

  3. What a nice day! I always enjoy seeing all the animals at the zoo.

  4. Great pictures Sarah! Cant wait to make a visit there soon!

  5. The zoo pics are wonderful. I like the elongated rectangle format, too. Your meerkat from the other day is too funny! He is very serious about his sentry position!


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