Checking off the "To-Do" list

No scrapping today so far, but perhaps in a bit. I did finally get a few things off my to-do list. For starters, I bought a new keyboard & mouse. We have been having issues for several months now with the keyboard that came with the computer. It just didn't always work. After weeks of looking and 1 purchase & return - we realized it wasn't the keyboard but rather the port. I wanted a keyboard with a cord, but that is difficult to get these days. It seems everyone prefers wireless. So, here I am in grand form on the new wireless keyboard. For the most part, it seems to be working ok. It is occasionally not getting the signal which was one of my fears. Let's hope it manages to work 99% of the time because I've had it with shopping for these things.

While out keyboard shopping, I had holes drilled in my designing with 2007 calendar so I could put the pages in my binders. I prefer to store the previous calendars this way by category so I can easily reference them and pull out a page or two to use. They are so full of wonderful ideas and inspiration to help jolt me when I'm having a scrapper's block. :)

I did have one small misfortune. It seems the guy at the store wasn't very well trained in the process of drilling holes so the last 10 pages have torn holes. I used reinforcers to fix them, but I'm a bit irritated. Last year at least the first person admitted to not knowing so I took it elsewhere. Elsewhere being the store I went to today. Needless to say, I'll be more careful next year.

Finally, for a bit of humor....
I joined YouTube today (am I the last person to do so?) and uploaded a little video I made of Chester. ;) Cali makes a small cameo. Keep in mind, I filmed this with my regular Kodak digital camera so it's not high quality. Without further ado, I present Chester versus the Bag:


  1. Too funny! Poor Chester there HAD to be something in that bag, he was just trying to protect you!

  2. This is TOO cute Sarah! Loved the cameo appearance also! Lori K

  3. Sarah i love it - too cute - our Toby is a bit like chester :)

    Kerrie Gurney

  4. Okay love that binder for your calendars! I didn't get it this year - do you love it?

    Here's a link for those baskets - they come in sets of two

    If the link doesn't work check out Tender Heart Treasures

  5. Sarah, you are not the last person to join youtube, I think I will be that person! Still have not joined. Chester is so cute going after the bag.

  6. Very cute video! I haven't joined YouTube yet - I feel like I have nothing worthwhile to sumbit! My cat is very boring! LOL!

    I'd be interested to know how your keyboard works out. I'd like to go wireless, but I'm afraid of it losing the signal too often.

  7. Cute video! You aren't the last one to join You Tube, that would most likely be me.

    I like your binder idea too

  8. I gotta have that binder!!!! I bet you didn't even think you were enabling today....LOL

  9. Chester is the sweetest cat ever!!!!

  10. So cute!

    I joined YouTube a while ago, but when I tried to upload the video it said it was too large and I have no idea how to shorten it??

  11. Love the video!! What is the deal with cats and plastic bags?? Chester is just awesome! :-)

  12. Hey, Sarah, funny video!. I'm getting caught up today on my blog reading and then I'll post an entry tomorrow. I've been hole-punching myself this weekend, putting my DW's from 2006-2008 in a binder for year. Got thru an entire year before realizing I'd punched upside down - GRR! LOL oh well, these pages will now fit into any size binder (10 bazzillion holes on each side).


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