Testing. Is this thing on?

Ok, so I've jumped on the blog bandwagon. In reality, I've been here before - before blogging was cool. ;) I had my own webpage and eventually website for about 6 years altogether but grew tired of maintaining the site and found various other hobbies to steal away what little time I had for it. Now I've decided to try again in a new, simpler form. Let's see how long this little adventure lasts.


  1. Hi Sarah!!! I get to be your first commenter on your blog!!

    YAY!! This is going to be so much fun!

  2. Hey, Katy!! :) Enjoyed your story about the remotes - too funny.

  3. Hey, Sarah! So glad you stopped by my spot and congrats for entering bloggerland...you'll never be the same again since you are such a journaler! Hey, I miss you Calendar girls too. I just couldn't keep up as much as I enjoyed it, and I was getting layouts done, too. Boo. I'm such a slow commenter, it was killing the rest of my life. So I'm really glad you and Katy are blogging the challenge on GS. Maybe that way I'll get to keep in touch. Tell all the girls heyhey from me and I wish I was there!

    Now, just wanted to tellya I love that bowling layout. I'm making a note right now to get over to your gallery and look at your stuff. I need a journaler's influence on me right now, hope it rubs off. TTFN! xoxo


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