Rhino Shield Impact Resistant Screen Protector

It's that time again - time to renew our cell phone contracts and upgrade our phones. We had debated waiting a bit, but decided to take advantage of current offers and upgrade from the iPhone 4s to the 5s. That meant it was time for a new round of phone cases and screen protectors too.

We've always had screen protectors and I certainly didn't want to pass on one for our latest investment especially with one young child in the house and another on the way. Kids can be crazy rough on electronics even if they don't mean to be. And, then, of course are the times like when my last phone fell out of my pocket and hit the ground. Not a good thing, but always a bigger sigh of relief when you know you have protected your screen.

I was grateful for the opportunity to try an impact resistant screen protector from Rhino Shield and received the small yellow envelope pictured above. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside is the protector along with everything you need for quick & easy installation.

And the Rhino Shield was so easy to install! I've installed (and sometimes paid & watched installation of) screen protectors in the past and this was by far the easiest. No sprays or wetting. Just clean the phone screen, peel the backing from the protector, stick and smooth out. No waiting. You can immediately use your phone and, in my case, I immediately put the case back on.

I've been using the Rhino Shield for about a month now. It has firmly stayed in place. There are no scratches that I can see. It has gotten a bit smudged up on occasion. I've had a similar issue with past screen protectors and fully blame my make-up (but I'd rather battle the smudges that go without that!). The Rhino Shield also feels more like the original iPhone screen to me than other protectors I've used. A nice smooth finish.

Overall, I'm very pleased with Rhino Shield and would recommend to any smart phone or tablet users who want a little extra protection for their device. To get your own, visit their website or check local stores such a Best Buy, Target, Etc. Rhino Shield retails for $24.99.

Note: I was provided with one Rhino Shield Impact Resistant Screen Protector free for review. No other payment or compensation was received. The opinions expressed are are strictly my own.

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  1. I might have to check this out! I have never liked the screen protectors, because they bubbled. Yours looks MUCH better!


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