Simple Kids Build Car Repair

Going to either Lowe's for Build and Grow or Home Depot for Kids Workshop is a highly requested weekend activity here these days. Dylan knows exactly where to go and the basics, so he has his apron ready at the door when it's time to leave.

We now have a lot of these builds. They are all quite cool and fun. But there has been a common issue with most - particularly the cars. The stickers seem to loose their adhesiveness and peel right off. I get tired of finding them everywhere. Like stuck to the bottom of my sock and, if missed, later in the dryer.

At first we "fixed" them by pulling off the stickers and letting him color the car with markers. Works great. Becomes a new activity. Win win.

Sometimes it seems it would be nice for the stickers to stay on. Especially on the race cars. I thought there had to be another answer and - aha! - in my basket of "tapes & glues" in the cabinet over our kitchen desk is a jar of Mod Podge.

I simply grabbed the jar, an offending car, a foam brush and set about to do the repair. If the sticker is loose, peel it off. Apply some Mod Podge, replace sticker and press firmly. If it's sticking okay, I let it be.

Then after all the stickers are securely down, I add a thin coat of Mod Podge over the entire car.

Let it dry and - Boom! Car is fixed and has a slight sheen to it. Perfect for a slick race car and no more wandering stickers for me to find around the house.

Looking for other ideas for using Mod Podge? Check out our Shamrock Handprint Plaque or Decorated Sketchpad or Play Kitchen Cheez-its Box.


  1. those look awesome! i might have to add Loews and Home Depot for our weekend activities!

    1. You should! Home Depot typically has their on the first Saturday and Lowe's on the second Saturday of each month. Check their websites for the schedule and to register.


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