DIY Tiling Class

Quiet for a week or close to it (I had a post on MiCH last Wednesday). It wasn't intentional. Just a LOT going on. Good stuff. All to come soon.

One great part of the week I can share - a friend and I took a "Do-It-Herself" class at Home Depot to learn about tiling. As part of our kitchen remodel, I want a tile backsplash and have been debating whether or not we should do it ourselves. Neither Trent nor I have ever done tile work before and I'll admit I can be a little OCD at times. My biggest worry is crooked tiles and always knowing.

In the quest to save a little money and because I honestly enjoy doing most of the home projects ourselves, I'm leaning toward giving the tiling a try. The class timing was perfect and made for a fun girls night out with a friend who is considering doing her own too.

I've never taken one of these classes before. It was more a demonstration and Q&A, but I did feel like I had a good bit of information when I left and am leaning toward giving the backsplash a go. I'll be sure to share how the project turns out. In the meantime, we still have to decide on what style/color countertop and get installation arranged.

Have you ever taken a class at Home Depot or another home improvement store? What did you think?

My full review on the Do-It-Herself Workshop will be on Mom in Chapel Hill next week.


  1. i've never taken a class there before, but i hear they are good.. especially the kids ones! Tiling is too intimidating for me to DIY.. just like you i worry about the crooked tiles.

    1. It was a good class - just not as hands on as I expected. The kids' workshops are great. My son loves going and building whatever the latest project is.


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