Friday Freebie: Christmas Elf Calendar

Our Christmas Elf, Christopher Pop-in-Kins, will be returning soon. Dylan is already excited. Last year was our first year so it was a new experience all around. One thing I didn't like - a bit of evening stress when trying to determine where our Elf might be the next morning and/or what he would be doing.

This year with experience under my belt and a few new ideas added to my board at Pinterest, I sat down to create a calendar with a daily plan. No more 11pm panic attacks this year. It's all laid out and ready for us from when he returns on Sunday through Christmas Eve.

Download the Christmas Elf Calendar here. Or, if you want to create your own options, download a blank copy here. I hope this makes your holiday season a bit easier and more enjoyable too.

Have an Elf idea or a photo to share? Feel free to leave me a link or share it on my Facebook page.

Happy holidays!


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