Fourth Birthday Fun

We filled Dylan's birthday on Friday with lots of fun! The night before Trent & I hung the birthday banner I made two years ago, blew up a few balloons & spread them around the family room, and placed his present, a small balloon & foam 4 from our floor mat on his craft table for him to find. He had a huge grin when he came downstairs and found it all!

Dylan & I were up first. He did great a being patient when I told him he had to wait until Trent was awake before he could open his gift. He set the wrapped package back down and waited almost an hour before heading upstairs to open it in our bed. Inside was a "big boy" watch by Timex. He was so excited and wore it almost the entire day. Best part, without any prompting from us, he gave us hugs & kisses and thanked us! I was one proud Mama.

As the day went on we had Dylan's favorite breakfast (chocolate chip pancakes), went swimming, played cars & trains at home after lunch, went to see Monsters University at the theater, ate ice cream (he chose Cotton Candy flavored) at Maggie Moo's, went shopping at Target where he spent a little bit of his birthday cash, ate dinner at Jason's Deli, and did a little watercolor painting before bed.

And we weren't done celebrating - over the weekend we had more birthday fun with my family in VA and this upcoming Saturday we'll have friends & family over to our house for a "four-esta" party.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. He is so adorable.

  2. Dylan has good taste ~ chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite too!


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