Today we're celebrating Dylan's fourth birthday with adventures for the three of us (currently thinking swimming, the movies & frozen custard).

Our little toddler has turned into an amazing little guy in the last year. He's started preschool. Loves to share what's he's learned with us. He still loves art. He has a huge heart and is amazingly sweet & caring. We started using a chore chart more regularly and he quickly & often easily does his chores (ie, setting the table, practicing his words for speech therapy, etc). We are proud of how much he's grown and look forward to seeing what the next year holds.

Happy fourth birthday, Dylan!! We love you!!


  1. Aww happy birthday to your little guy!

  2. Time goes so fast!! Hope Dylan's birthday was wonderful!

  3. Thanks, all! He had a great birthday. We filled it with fun from start to finish. :)


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