Banish the Blues

Yesterday I found myself hit with what I'm calling the "Thursday blues." Almost through my 2nd full week of work here and it's still an adjustment. It hit me hard yesterday because Thursday was our playgroup day for 3 years. Admittedly, Dylan & I weren't there every time, but we were there a good number of them (plus any other day we could meet up with our friends). Add this & missing him in general during the day to the fact that I'm struggling with new software at work, our new weekday schedule, worrying that I'm doing what's best for our family, etc, etc. I was in a funk. Enough said.

I know there is never an easy answer. I know Dylan is enjoying preschool and thriving! I know I will get the hang of this software and get through this project. It's not the first challenge I've faced in my career and certainly won't be my last. I know we are doing really well at juggling our new schedule and it will continue to improve.

So, instead of continuing my pity party, I decided to list 5 positive things this week ...

  1. Flexibility for both Trent & me in our work schedules that we could keep Dylan home from school on Monday when he was sick (3rd ear infection - really, that is lucky that we've only had 3 ever!).
  2. New HVAC system installed. Still seeing $$ signs, but so worth it. I know I'll be especially thankfully when the heat & humidity come in a few months.
  3. Extra hour of daylight in the evenings plus warmer weather that equaled walks 2 nights before dinner.
  4. Harris Teeter online groceries. One less thing I have to do and this week it equaled easy prescription pick ups for Dylan and me plus his medicine was free with my VIC card. 
  5. Dylan started soccer at school. He's very excited and was proudly showing us his new t-shirt. 
  6. We have managed dinner at home every night and only one of those was of leftovers from the freezer. Our one meal out was a lunch date on Tuesday for Trent & me which is going to be a regular occurrence (admittedly it took a blocked out time on both our work calendars to make it happen).
Ok, so that was 5 + 1 positive things. :) Good sign when I find I overwrite the list. And, the weekend is just a few work hours away with a fantastic forecast (hello, 70s + sun). What was that about the blues?


  1. I am sure it has been an adjustment, and you will find the right flow! :) Way to be positive and find the light :)

  2. Good for you to find the positives! Change is hard and gets harder the older we get. But change is often for the better and down the road you can look back and say that it was a good experience! Hugs to you all. PS We're still reeling from the $$$ of a new HVAC but appreciated the warmth and no worries trough the winter.

  3. We miss you guys, too! But our babies are growing up, and it's so awesome that you've got a great and challenging career path ahead of you! Lots of positives!!


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