Christmas Elf 2012 - the Book

After Christmas I spent some time on Shutterfly putting together a photo book of our Christmas Elf's adventures this year. Dylan was sad to see Christopher Pop-In-Kins leave. Our photo book arrived a few days ago and now he has a fun reminder to enjoy year round.

Front Cover

Page 1 - the arrival of Christopher Pop-In-Kins

Hanging out in the playroom and emailing Santa.

Snow and Magic Elf Dust recipe (credits to Joni at Six Cherries on Top for the idea!)

Christmas Day - Christopher left a photo & note with Dylan's stocking

Back Cover


  1. That was too cute! Way cuter than the traditional elf on the shelf.

    1. Thanks! Credit for the elf goes to my mom - she found him and shipped him to Dylan.

  2. Sarah that is such a great idea. I love it! Still deciding on whether or not we'll do the Elf but this book makes me lean towards yes! :)


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