Santa's Magic Key

I saw the idea of Santa's Magic Key last year on Pinterest and meant to make one. The poem is the part I really love as it combines the magic of Santa with the real meaning of Christmas (find it here from Michelle at The Picadilly Post). I don't recall ever questioning Santa getting into a home without a chimney when I was little. I certainly didn't expect my almost 2 and a half year old to question it last year when our home didn't have a fireplace much less a chimney. I simply thought it would be fun and cute. And while we now do have a fireplace, it is gas so we still don't have a chimney. Thus, I finally finished this project!

I purchased the key last year at Michaels. I tried to find the dollar bin option mentioned in Michelle's post, but didn't have luck. Instead I found one in the jewelry section. It was a little bit pricier but not too bad with a coupon. Since I was never fond of the brass color, I used some bronze spray paint left from my bathroom hardware project to paint it.

The tag I made with fabric from my stash. I ironed freezer paper to the back, cut it to 8.5x11 and slipped it into the printer paper tray. I created a tag outline in Photoshop and added the poem plus a Santa graphic from Sara Schmutz's Jolly kit. I printed it to the fabric, peeled off the freezer paper and cut out the shape. Punched a hole in the tag using my Cropodile and added an eyelet (my scrapbooking stash pays off for all sort of crafty projects!). Then looped a red ribbon through to hang it on the door Christmas Eve and called it done.


  1. Too cute! One of the kindergarten students asked me how Santa would get into her house because she doesn't have a chimney. She asked if he would just come in the window, LOL.

  2. I planned to do some of these for the craft sale I did but I never did have a chance to get it done. I have the keys already so I'll just have to do this next year. :)


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