And the Curtains Were Hung

As the holidays approach, we are slowly checking off items from our "to do" list around the house. (Even emptied a few more boxes! Yes, we still have plenty of boxes.) One that has made the most impact in the space we spend the most time - curtains in our family room:

We had curtains in every room in our last house. Partly because it was easy with the cats (oh how they loved to chew the mini blinds in our apartment once upon a time ago). All the windows in our new home had blinds already and the windows were different size/quantity than our old house so we only brought the guestroom pair with us. I ordered room darkening curtains for Dylan's room and hung them the day after we moved in. Partly to keep his room darker and because I'm still uncomfortable with corded blinds in his room.

Back to the family room though, I did quite a bit of searching to find the right style and colors to match our room. I struggled to find anything that I liked in a price that would also fit our current budget. Then I saw an idea on Pinterest (that I failed to pin from what I can tell) and searched for tablecloths instead. Sure enough in the kitchen section at Target I found 84" long tablecloths in a print I liked and in colors that matched our room. Since the room is in the southwest corner and faces wooded land designated for a future park, we didn't need lined panels. I simply clipped on curtain rings to hang. No sewing whatsoever.

I did end up visiting 3 local Target stores to get the 6 total tablecloths I needed for the 3 windows as the print I chose wasn't available online. We also picked up hardware there. I confess, I'm not thrilled with it. I would like larger curtain rods eventually, but for now it works. The simple act of hanging the panels added tremendously to the warmth of the room.

Slowly our new house is starting to feel like home.


  1. that's great! it looks like a nice living room.

  2. I think it is GORGEOUS and I LOVE it!


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