Blurb Custom Planner

I ordered my 2013 planner from Blurb just before Thanksgiving and was excited to find it on my doorstep late last week. I spent a good bit of time filling it with photos from previous years. Lots of good memories.

The Blurb BookSmart software is free and very easy to use. I simply selected my photos, chose the page and added them. I also was able to add notes to specific dates in my calendar (ie, birthdays) that I wanted to remember.

I selected the 6x9 size with an ImageWrap hardcover. At first glance I could see how perfect the cover was. The printing is crisp. The corner edge from back photo to spine color is on the mark.

Inside, each page is exactly how I laid it out from images to text on special days.

The big monthly photos are fantastic.

The little weekly photos aren't quite as good. I knew they were small which is fine, but was surprised how many looked grainy. Most were taken with my DSLR (like the one below) although some with my point and shoot or iPhone. Regardless, I thought they might look a little better than they do.

That said, overall I'm very pleased with my new planner and am excited to start using it! Since you can select any date to start, I almost wish I'd started with December so I could be using it now.

Note: The 6x9 Custom Planner was provided to me at a discount by Blurb for reviewing. The opinions expressed within the review are my own.


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