Little Tikes Neighborhood Market

Over the summer, Little Tikes hosted a giveaway to raise awareness for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. To enter, a photo needed to be shared on Twitter and include the hashtag #LittleTikesLovesLemonade. 5 winners received a free Neighborhood Market playset.

I shared a photo of Dylan driving his Cozy Coupe down our sidewalk. In early July I was contacted by Little Tikes and notified that we were one of the lucky winners!

All of this happened right as we were preparing to sell our house and move. I knew if Dylan saw this new toy, he'd want to open it immediately. Given that anything already boxed would be easier to move, I opted to ship it to my in-laws house and have them store it until we were in our new home.

The day we picked up the toy, I snuck it into our car while Dylan was busy playing with his grandmother. He fell asleep on the ride home. I took advantage of the opportunity to get it into the house without him seeing. A few minutes later, he walked in, saw the box and just stopped & stared. He finally walked over to the box and said, "Wow! Cool." This is before we had even opened it!

All 3 of us worked on putting it together (ok, so Dylan focused more on the toy food & cash register while Trent & I did the "construction" part). And all 3 of us have been playing with it since. Our days are now filled with, "Dada, you want to buy?" "Mama, you want to buy?" Dylan loves selling us food from his market. He even had me write "Dylan's Market" on the sign just like the box.

The entire market is so cute - It has a handle on one end and wheels on the opposite to easily move it to different locations. The food area has clear sliding doors on the front and 2 shelves with 3 bins each to hold the food (it comes with fruit, ice cream cones & cupcakes). Under the sign is an awning to pull down when closed or roll up when open. To complete the fun, the market includes a cash register, 4 plastic dollars and a credit card.

Note: The Neighborhood Market was received free to me as a prize in a giveaway sponsored by Little Tikes. A review or otherwise was not required as part of my win. The opinions expressed within the review are my own.


  1. So cute! My son used to love playing with his Little Tykes grocery store when he was a kid!

  2. What an awesome prize! I wish my kids were young enough to get a lot of use out of it. It's super cute. I bet Dylan adores it! :-)

  3. wow, what a great prize!

    (and as I'm looking through your blog I realize I've missed a lot of posts!)


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