Birthday Weekend

I had one request for my birthday this year - a trip to Charlotte to get a couple things for our new home from Ikea. Not only did Trent agree, but we had a few last minute changes to our plans that led to a bit of extra fun. We went to Great Wolf Lodge first to celebrate. I confess, I was probably as excited as Dylan especially once I realized that this was the first time I've ever had a birthday pool party.

Trent booked a KidKamp suite which featured a "tent room" complete with a bunk bed for Dylan. For a first hotel stay, we set the bar high for him. He'll now think every hotel should have this:

Nervous that he'd try to sleep on the top bunk, we told him he had to be 5 to go up there. Amazingly, he believed us after trying to climb up and getting nervous about being so high. The next day at Ikea he even told Trent's aunt & uncle that you have to be 5 to get on the top bunk. ;)

Both Friday night and Saturday morning we played hard at the indoor waterpark in the resort. On Friday, Trent's cousin Laura joined us and helped keep an eye on Dylan so we could enjoy the big slides too.

I missed a photo of the one time Dylan tried a slide in the kids' area. There were a variety of water spraying/dumping mechanisms on the structure he had to climb to get to the slides and they made him nervous. Hopefully he'll be more willing when we join friends at the Williamsburg location in March.

After all our fun at Great Wolf, we spent 4 hours at Ikea with Laura & her parents (thanks for helping us entertain Dylan & load the car!) and then stopped in Greensboro on our way home for dinner with my dad and his wife. We returned late Saturday night, exhausted but full of good memories.


  1. So fun! How did you end up at Great Lodge!? looks awesome!

  2. So awesome! That looks like SUCH a fun place!

  3. Looks like you had a good birthday!! Ikea just FINALLY opened up here on November 28. I don't know if it's good or bad that I live 15 minutes away from it and work 5 min away from it! LOL Guess we'll find out. (p.s. that was my birthday celebration too... going to Ikea!)


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