Mother's Day 2011

I made a very quick layout for last year's Mother's Day. None of the photos were especially great. Trying to get Dylan to cooperate for a picture took a lot of work and, when he finally agreed, he wanted us sitting on the ottoman in front of the TV (I can't tell you how happy I was to get photos at the arboretum this year - so much better!).

Knowing that I only wanted the one photo and to crop it considerably, I looked to my folder of Quick Page templates. I literally just edited the photo using the Vintage action from the CoffeeShop blog to soften the colors, stuck it behind the quick page and added "Mother's Day 2011" to the frame. That's it. Done.

Supplies: iNSD Quick Page by Tiffany Bodily; Script MT Bold font; Vintage action from The CoffeeShop Blog.

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  1. sometimes simple pages are better because they force you to focus on the subject.


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