That simple word is a big one. And definitely part of the new motto around our home.

Last month, our lives changed a bit when I accepted a part time job in retail working nights and weekends. I'm typically on the closing shift 4 days per week. The exact days change each week. It's meant the boys have dinner & bedtime without me those nights. Which, being totally honest, makes me a bit sad at times but I'm also grateful they get one-on-one time regularly now.

In an effort to keep us organized and make sure they easily have good meals, I resigned us up for eMeals meal planning. I also might have literally jumped for joy when I saw Harris Teeter reduced their Express Lane shopping orders to $1.95 for the summer again. I used them a LOT last summer when watching our niece (so worth it to pay $1.95 versus wrangling 2 toddlers in a car cart in the grocery store) and have already used it once since the fee dropped (again, worth $1.95 versus spending my free time walking the aisles of yet another store).

Another organizing technique we've added is using shared calendars on our phones. Thank you, Apple iCloud, for making that easy. Trent & I now have a shared "home" calendar we can each access easily to keep track of events we both need to be aware of (such as birthday parties he needs to take Dylan to when I'm working). I created a second shared calendar appropriately titled "work" where I note my hours. This one I also shared with my parents so they know my new schedule.

It's been an interesting change. Certainly not where I pictured myself when I started applying for full time positions last fall. But for the moment, I'm enjoying our new life. I'm very blessed to still get to spend my days at home with Dylan and on the nights I do work, I know he's in the best possible care. I think it's even helped the two of them to get a bit closer. They now get dedicated time each week to special adventures for just the two of them. That makes my heart happy.


  1. I'm glad that you get to spend the days home with your boy while still making a little extra income. Not long til he's off to school full time and you won't have that opportunity to spend with him.

  2. Balance is a big deal around here too lately. I'm glad you are finding ways to make it all work. And you still get to be home during the day which is awesome!

  3. I have thought about doing something part time but with DH's schedule different each month it makes it hard. May have to go to a plan B. :)

    We use emeals and LOVE it. And of course the Teeter nearest to our rental home doesn't have the express lane. But at 1.95, it may be worth it to go to the one a wee bit farther just to not wrangle with the kids and a cart!

  4. Is that is great that you are home with D! :) I'm happy it's working out.


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